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November 27, 2009

Photo Caption Contest

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Photo of Professor Robert Dudley on the morning of Nov 20th at UC Berkeley, by Prof. Brian Barsky Photo (left) of Professor Robert Dudley on the morning of November 20th 2009 at UC Berkeley, by Professor Brian Barsky.

Also see YouTube video.

Video of Arrest of Professor Robert Dudley

Create your own caption for the photo above. Entries so far:

  • Facing historic budget cut-backs, the University of California Berkeley has developed an innovative new faculty retention policy.
  • I said REtain the faculty not DEtain the faculty!!!
  • To reduce faculty workload in the face of furloughs, the administration has offered a new ‘team teaching’ option.
  • We couldn’t read the signature on your proposal review form. (Office of Sponsored Projects)
  • Your detention package has finally been approved.
  • Beware the Bear – just another “Big Game” event.
  • New faculty escort service.
  • Dudley’s work on biomechanics and energetics put to the test. Still working out the mechanics of flight bit though.

November 23, 2009

Police Action at Wheeler

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Compilation of Images and Videos

On Friday, November 20th during a student protest of the 32% fee hikes, dozens of students, workers and one member of the faculty were subject to police violence. (See slide show and, photos, and news).

If you have any evidence of police brutality, please post it on Facebook. Anyone can register and make comments or post blogs (there may be a delay for editorial review). These blogs can be seen by date in the menu to the right. If you write a blog, please use the category tags so that the different threads can be more easily followed by readers. Also be sure to file formal complaints to the UC Police Department (see: instructions).

Pellet Guns

  • Berkeley Students Shot and Assaulted, YouTube, November 20th, 2009, UC Berkeley students surrounded and overtook Wheeler Hall to protest the recent 32% tuition hike, job losses, and the defunding of public education in California. At the beginning of this clip you could hear a student get shot at point-blank range with a rubber bullet. Other students were assaulted with batons.

Gate Skirmish

Woman knocked over/pellet guns + gate skirmish

  • UC Berkeley Protest, Wheeler Hall, Fall 2009, YouTube. Violence at UC Berkeley between riot police and students. Notice the students are not armed, not threatening, just gathering to protest. The police decide they want to push back and show some muscle, and are more than willing to use force. Ignorant, untrained, unprofessional bullies. The police were scared and over-reacted. Several students were injured. One was shot in the stomach. Thank god they only give them rubber bullets.
  • Edited piece–footage of woman knocked over, Wheeler Hall, Fall 2009, YouTube.
  • Wheeler Hall Occupation, slide show, Daily Californian, November 21, 2009.
  • Cal TV special report, YouTube.

Images of Police Action

  • UC student Lauren Cutright-Cisneros struggles with campus police as she in pushed back behind a line outside Wheeler Hall. Students rallied on the UC Berkeley campus Friday to protest pay cuts, layoffs and tuition increases.

Police Documentation

Police seem to have been doing their own self-documentation of the Wheeler action. These tapes should be secured and reviewed by any investigative body:

Photos/ Videos of Police Action on Professor Robert Dudley

  • Photographs by Prof. Brian Barsky. Robert Dudley, Professor of Integrative Biology, being led into Wheeler Hall by UC police where he was held handcuffed for about two hours. Several colleagues witnessed the police tackle him from behind and throw him forcibly onto the ground.
  • Also see YouTube video.Students barricaded the doors to lock themselves inside. Police had riot gear and attempted to remove them in the early morning using tear gas and tasers. They failed, only arrested a couple, and the majority of students barricaded themselves on the second floor. As students and faculty rallied around the police “DO NOT CROSS” tape, professor Robert Dudley of Integrative Biology was bold enough to cross the line and be arrested in the peaceful demonstrations of solidarity with the occupiers.”

Other Compilations

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